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When I start POPFile in Win2k, I see a DOS window that shows it load. Even on bootup, it says it detects a previously running copy of the program which it then tries to contact for 10 seconds. When there is no reply, it starts a fresh copy. Odd, but working. If I minimize the DOS window to the taskbar, POPFile continues to run. If I close the DOS window,however, POPFile shuts down. My email client no longer receives anything, and then I restart and get that odd "previously running" message again. Now the real question: Is there a way to close that DOS window without crashing the program? I hate to have stuff taking up space on the taskbar if it isn't necessary for me for any valid purpose.

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    You can shut down POPFile gracefully by typing Ctrl-C in the Dos Window or by going to the POPFile UI and shutting in down from there.

    The question is why POPFile is running in a DOS box on your system.

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    Now the real question: Is there a way to close that DOS window without crashing the program?

    Yes, when POPFile is running you can use the CONFIGURATION page in POPFile's User Interface to tell POPFile not to show the DOS window.

    At the bottom of the CONFIGURATION page you will find the text "Run POPFile in a console window?" and next to that is the text "Yes" and a button marked "Change to No".

    Click this button - this will change the label on the button to "Change to Yes" and the text next to it will change to "No". A new message will appear ("This change will not take effect until the next time you start POPFile").

    Use the User Interface to shutdown POPFile (there is a shutdown link at the top of the page).

    Now start POPFile again - there is a Start Menu shortcut you can use to do this:

    Start -- All Programs -- POPFile -- Run POPFile

    This time the DOS window should not appear when POPFile starts up.

    By default the Windows version of POPFile does not display the DOS window - perhaps this configuration setting was accidentally changed?