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running popfile from cron


I use POPFile in a system I built to read RSS feeds from e-mail.

In my system, every hour, rss2email reads the feeds and sends and e-mail for each article to an account which I access using IMAP.

I use POPFile to sort all the articles.

rss2email is called every hour using cron (under Ubuntu), but I've configured POPFile to check e-mail every two minutes because I don't want the articles to stay in the inbox for a long time. But, most of the time, popfile finds zero articles. This system is not efficient.

I think that, under this configuration, it would be better to call popfile from the command line. I would write an script that calls rss2email and, once finished, would call popfile to sort the new messages. And cron would run this script every hour.

How could I do this?