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attachment with strange characterset

I work with popfile for 4 months now and it works great.
Till this weekend when a got spam with an attachement named with strange characters (like %ѓĦ) and popfile crashed.

I could use webmail to delete the message and after deleting popfile worked like a charm again.

I encountered the problem 4 times today and every time it coused popfile to crash.

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    Thank you for reporting this. Could you please open a new ticket and (if possible) attach one of those strange messages so we can replicate and hopefully fix the bug?


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      Thank you for your quick reply!
      When it will happen again i will post the message here
      (It has not happened anymore since then)

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        Thank you. Can you remember what kinds of messages were the offending ones? Spam? What kind of attachments did you see?


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    This bug should be fixed in the version now in CVS. You can now either download the CVS version of and replace the version on your system with the new one or you can simply wait for POPFile 1.0.1 to be released.