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Classifying multiple messages at once?

Hi, I just installed POPFile and want to classify messages by hand, to make POPFile learn what is spam and what isn't.

Now, if I understand correctly I have to manually change the selection box for 94 messages from unclassified to spam, and then click 'Reclassify', is that correct?

Isn't there an easier way? Especially since they all 94 message are spam. Is there an option to check them all (and perhaps unchecking the few I don't want) and then say 'reclassify all checked message as [some bucket here]' ??

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    Unfortunately there is no such feature in the current release.

    But please note that you don't have to reclassify each single message. POPFile will learn to tell spam from ham even if you reclassify only a part of those messages.