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User Data & Re-Installing POPFile

I didn't see the old forums anywhere to look up exactly what one of you guys were helping me with, but I had a problem with the latest version's update of my POPFile and I needed to make a copy of my '' and everything's working now so....can I delete the copy on my desktop now? The shortcut directs me to 'C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop', just so you know that this IS a 'copy'.

That said, the reason I'm asking is because I'm doing a major computer fix, including re-setting everything to the factory defaults. I just purchased a 500GB external hard drive to store all my personal files, but I'm told it WON'T copy/move/store any system or program files. I don't have a problem about the system files, but I do with the program files. I've already made a complete list of programs' homepages that I cared about re-installing and, of course, POPFile is one of my top 5.

Should I make a current copy of the User Data folder and, if so, is that all I need to do before I start my System Restore (short of making note of my email account settings so I'm not going BONKERS trying to set them all up again when I re-install POPFile)? I assume that if I store the User Data file in the 'My Documents' folder (for ex.), I can be sure that my final backup onto my new external hard drive will include everything I'll need for POPFile to remember what it was already doing for me, right?

The external drive itself is pretty easy to set up. All I had to do was plug it in and it started right up. Will simply unplugging it (like my printer, cable modem, etc., and then plugging it back in again AFTER my reset) recognize what the drive already had on it? I guess my question is SHOULD it be unplugged and plugged in again so I don't lose everything I'm working so hard to keep? I know that's not a POPFile question, I'm just assuming that unplugging the drive will keep EVERYthing safe while I work on my computer, correct? I can delete the copy of the '', make and store safely on my new drive a copy of the User Data folder and be all set to re-install POPFile once again. Since my post was soooo long, if I explained everything correctly, a simple 'Yes' is all I'm hoping for.

As usual, thanks for any help you can offer. BTW, the new forums look great, but is there access to the OLD forums for reference purposes? Just curious....

SBernheart [;}]

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    You will have to keep your new in the backup because you cannot get that from our downloads page yet.

    For simplicity, I suggest you simply backup your POPFILE_ROOT and the POPFile user data. Both are really tiny and won't impress your 500 Gig device.

    I have no idea whether you should unplug your external drive because I have no idea what software you will be using to wipe your internal drive. But why not simply unplug it to be on the safe side? But make sure you click that little icon in your system tray before you physically unplug the external drive.

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      Hello again, Manni. Here's what I understood from your reply....

      You will have to keep your new in the backup because you cannot get that from our downloads page yet.

      By that do you mean that what you fixed for me from the old forum needs to go with me because when I re-install the new version of POPFile, it will treat my computer in the same manner as it did BEFORE you fixed it? If so, I will need to remove the 'old' file after re-installation and replace it with the one you're having me save right now, correct? I should look in >> C:\Program Files\POPFile\Services\IMAP << to find '' and delete it (or send it to my Desktop just to be on the safe side until I know POPFile's working correctly) and paste the copy that you fixed for me into that same folder and close it.

      I will send a current copy of '' to 'My Documents' as well as to the external hard drive. I will delete one or both of these copies AFTER my POPFile is re-installed, is deleted/replaced with my copy and all is working properly 'on the other side', so to speak. LOL

      I suggest you simply backup your POPFILE_ROOT and the POPFile user data.

      I know how to find the User Data via the POPFile folder in my 'Programs' and I'll send a copy of the User Data folder to 'My Documents' as well as the external hard drive, just as I will the file. I'm pretty sure it won't be necessary to send these files/folders to two different places, but I'll feel better knowing I will have no problem finding what I need later. ;)

      How do I find the 'POPFILE_ROOT' file though? I looked, but failed to find it -- even after doing searches for that particular file in C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\POPFile and C:\Program Files\POPFile, including a search in C:\ itself for POPFILE_ROOT, but I got nothing.

      ...make sure you click that little icon in your system tray before you physically unplug the external drive.

      Do you mean I should click the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon and THEN unplug it? I did assume that I should unplug all my peripherals before returning my system back to it's original default settings. I had to do this once before, but I didn't learn how to make my own system backup CD's until AFTER I had to restore it. I did learn how to re-install my components though and when I plug my external hard drive back in again, it will be ready to go 'out of the box' as they say, as soon as my computer recognizes 'New Hardware Found'. After everything's installed, I simply search for the User Data folder like the and replace it with the copy I'm saving now.

      Thanks, Manni. I appreciate your help. Found the POPFILE_ROOT -- didn't know it was 'code' for the POPFile folder! LOL LOL Got everything I need now....

      SBernheart [;}]

      PS: I like the preview/edit options included in these forums. I don't remember being allowed to go back and edit posts/replies before and I just HATED having to re-post with corrections/additions/updates to my originals. Thanks!