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Where can I find the POPFILE_ROOT so I can copy it? I'm just shy of doing a system recovery and I already copied and stored my User Data folder and a copy of my (based on a correction Manni found for me specifically), but it was suggested that I also backup the POPFILE_ROOT as well, but after doing a search in my computer AND POPFile's forum and manual, I couldn't find anything on the subject that made any sense to me. I know it was over the weekend that I was working on this, so I apologize if I seem anxious, but I thought that the question may have gotten lost within a previous reply. Thanks guys....

SBernheart [;}]

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    "POPFILE_ROOT" is another way to refer to the main POPFile program folder.

    POPFile uses two environment variables: POPFILE_ROOT and POPFILE_USER.

    POPFILE_ROOT holds the address of the main POPFile program folder (the default address is C:\Program Files\POPFile)

    POPFILE_USER holds the address of the POPFile "User Data" folder

    The installer creates the following shortcut:

    Start -- Programs -- POPFile -- Support -- PFI Diagnostic utility (simple)

    which displays these two addresses ("Program folder" and "User Data folder") and the current values for the environment variables POPFile uses.

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      DUH! Sorry -- guess I've been sooo anxious about this system restore I'm preparing for that I wasn't even thinking!! Although my external hard drive SAYS it doesn't backup system or program files, I did make a copy of my POPFile folder at C:\Program Files\POPFile and sent it to my F drive. Also, I did some research on my new drive and found out how to properly shut it down using the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon in my system tray and, more importantly, how to run it again after I re-connect it.

      Thanks for the heads up, Brian....

      SBernheart [;}]