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Can't Find User Data Folder

I'll send a copy of the User Data folder to 'My Documents' as well as the external hard drive, just as I will the file. I'm pretty sure it won't be necessary to send these files/folders to two different places, but I'll feel better knowing I will have no problem finding what I need later. ;) <<

Famous last words. I cannot find this folder ANYwhere! After the system recovery, one of the first things I did was re-connect the external hard drive, but the 'User Data' folder was no where to be found, nor could I find it in the folder, 'My Documents', when I restored files/folders from the last complete backup I performed right before I disconnected the drive. One of the last tasks I did before the backup/recovery/reconnect was to copy that folder to BOTH locations, yet I cannot find it. I don't see anything ELSE missing -- why do you suppose that one of the two user data files I cared about just disappeared? The other of the two was my 'Data & Settings' folder from Incredimail and that one was where I left it, right next to my User Data folder. I don't suppose there's anything I can salvage from the POPFile folder I also copied per Manni's suggestion (POPFILE_ROOT folder) like a configuration file or something? You'd THINK that another copy of the User Data folder would be in THAT folder as well, but not a thing -- not one hint at all. What do you suppose happened and why just that info? In possibly three separate places (My Documents contained in a backup, one copy to the drive itself AND in the POPFile folder copied, too?), how can it be that THAT'S the only folder missing? If I didn't know better, I'd say somebody's playing a trick on me, but this isn't funny, not one little bit!
Oh well, I guess. You live and learn, huh? I was sooo careful to research, post in the forums and do the work and I can STILL find a way to lose stuff after the fact. Go figure....should have copied something on a disc too, I suppose. Any ideas on how to salvage anything would be GREATLY appreciated. I do see the POPFile folder on my external drive as well as in my last backup (also contained on that drive), so surely there's SOME info there. A girl can only hope....

SBernheart [:(]

PS: BTW, the copy of the was where I left it. I treated BOTH the file AND the User Data folder exactly the same and when I last saw them, they were BOTH next to my Incredimail's Data & Settings folder. Safe and sound, so I thought.

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    Do you still have the backup you created using my 'User Data' Backup/Restore Utility?

    By default this backup file is placed on your desktop. If you were logged into Windows as "Owner" when you made the backup then it will be a file called "pfi-restore (Owner).exe".

    Its icon will be a white square containing a large blue "R" inside a blue circle. "POPFile" will be written in tiny blue letters along the top of the white square.

    This backup is a small installer that you can use to restore the popfile.db file and POPFile's configuration file, etc.

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      Sorry it took so long to reply, but I did finally find my User Data folder. It was somehow mixed in with my Incredimail Data & Settings folder and, yes, I lost all of THAT info, too. Can someone tell me how the very two folders I was trying to guard the best are the only two folders that got screwed up? Don't know what I did to piss off the backup gods, but BOY, they sure had fun at MY expense!! I figured all this out when I went to transfer the Incredimail folder and it told me it was corrupt -- of course. Upon further inspection, I now see that the Incredimail folder was nearly three quarters of a GB in size. I don't get THAT much mail, nor should any of the data files been large enough to equal that.
      Well, anyone reading this post in the future can take a hard earned lesson from me -- NEVER put all your eggs in one bask....I mean, drive! Don't count on nothing happening to your data. If it's that important, back it up to discs (or a separate external drive) as well as where you hope to find your folders later!
      As for my desktop, Brian, because I was performing a total system recovery, there was no desktop to retrieve a file from that your utility would have created. I really, truly thought that by copying the User Data folder as well as the POPFile folder itself (two separate folders copied to the same brand new external drive), I would surely have a place to get this info from. I just found all this out an hour ago, so I'm still in shock, but I'll probably be so mad by the time I get up today that I won't know WHERE to go from here. I have a feeling it'll be to the wiki and square one again. I just hope my instructions on how to configure POPFile with Incredimail are as understandable to myself as I originally hoped they'd be for someone else to follow. Guess there's only one way to find out though and time will tell. First, however, I'll have to reconfigure Incredimail with my email accounts! Thanks for trying...

      SBernheart [:(]

      PS: BTW, I may have used the terms 'system restore' and 'system recovery' interchangably, not that I meant to. I do know the difference though and, unfortunately, I did a system 'recovery'. Even a simple recovery saves user data, but I performed a complete, full recovery. Like I said, the backup gods were NOT on my side....