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I have just installed POPfile with MS Outlook. It seems to be connected to Outlook since my new messages in Outlook are being classified (all unclassified as of now.)But no entries are showing up on the history page of POPfile control center. The POPfile directions would indicate I should be able to classify the new e-mails in the History panel but nothing is showing up in the History Panel. Twenty e-mails have arrived in outlook since my setup of POPfile but none have benn classified. What Have I done wrong?
tks Dennis

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    A couple of clarifying questions, if I may?

    When you say they're being classified as 'unclassified' - you have subject header modifications turned on and they're showing up in your inbox with [unclassified] in there?

    But nothing in the history panel...Correct?

    My first thought was that you don't have Outlook pointed to as the IMAP server, but...Hrms.


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      The answer to both your questions is "correct." I do have outlook pointed to for 'incoming mail server(pop3):' in my outlook e-mail account settings. I don't know if this is the IMAP server.
      Sorry i didn't reply quicker but I was watching the Illinois basketball team beat Indiana. Go Illini!!!
      Anyway, thanks for any insight you may have,