Help → where do i get IMAP.PM?

where do i get IMAP.PM?

Where do I get this file?

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    Did you lose it? Which version of POPFile are you using and why do you think you need to get IMAP.m?

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      I am going to use IMAP and not POP anymore. I can't find IMAP.PM in my popfile folders, and my advanced screen has no IMAP variable. I am using version 1.1.1

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        Are you using the Windows version of POPFile? The Windows installer does not automatically install the IMAP module.

        You can add IMAP to your existing 1.1.1 installation by running the installer again. At the "Choose Components" screen in the installer select "IMAP" from the list. The installer will offer to upgrade your existing installation. During the upgrade the IMAP files will be added to POPFile for you.


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          I found it - I did not realize it was an install option - thx