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thunderbird connection

thunderbird can't times out.
{connection to server timed out}
i have set my server name to
my user is
and port 110
i had been using popfile for awhile now and it just started happening the last couple days.

any troubleshooting ideas?

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    Try changing the port POPFile listens on to something other than 110 (such as 124). You'll also need to change Thunderbird to use this new port to talk to POPFile.

    Are you using Vista?
    Which anti-virus program are you using?

    There have been several recent complaints about POPFile suddenly starting to have problems with port 110 on Vista so this information would help us.

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      i am using vista with avg free. i had shut down avg free to troubleshoot and i had changed ports before but got some kind of connection error...can't remember exactly what it said. this morning for some reason after changing port # it works with no errors.


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        I think this is an AVG problem. According to the AVG Free Edition's "Email Scanning" support forum there appears to be a problem with access to port 110 on Vista systems after AVG gets updated to the 7.5.518 release. At least one AVG user reports that uninstalling AVG and performing a clean install of 7.5.518 solved the problem.