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Share popfile db between Ubuntu and Windows

Hi again,

I have both Ubuntu and Windows 7 on my laptop. I have configured popfile on both of these with the help of community members (Brian, Naoki). Now to the next level :D I would like to share the same db for popfile between win 7 and Ubuntu. There are 2 possibilities which I can think of, first create a symlink to the file on windows partition in /var/lib/popfile and second, change the path in configuration.

Please let me know if I am wrong here. Also which option would be better, and how can I change the db file path for popfile?


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    The ADVANCED page in the POPFile UI lists POPFile's configuration parameters and lets you change them. The "Option Reference" link (just above the list on the UI page) leads to a wiki page with information about these parameters. If you make any changes to the parameters you need to shut down POPFile and restart it to make sure POPFile uses the new settings.

    Although it is possible to change some of the paths POPFile uses to access various things, I think it might be better to use symlinks to make the Ubuntu version use the database in the Windows partition.

    If you want to use either system to reclassify mail which POPFile has allocated to the wrong bucket then you will need to share the 'messages' folder in addition to sharing the 'popfile.db' database file.

    The database file contains the list of messages shown in the HISTORY pages in the POPFile UI but when you use the UI to reclassify a message POPFile uses the temporary copy of the entire message which is stored in a sub-directory of the 'messages' directory.

    POPFile also makes a backup copy the database file (popfile.db.backup) in the same folder as popfile.db at regular intervals so you'll need to handle that too.

    Sorry about the delay in replying. My main interest is in the Windows version of POPFile but I remembered some discussion about sharing the POPFile database between Linux and Windows on a dual-boot system and have been trying to track it down.

    I have just found the discussion in a SourceForge topic from almost four years ago:

    I've only glanced through that topic but some of it seems to be relevant to your question.


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      Thanks a lot Brian. Sorry for replying late, was a bit stuck up. I have gone through the forum topic on sf list and found it really helpful. I will try to configure popfile to use same db and folders between OS based on your suggestions and will keep you posted on how it goes :)

      Thx again,