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Run POPfile error

I've just upgraded to 1.1.3, and now Run POPfile displays "Error: Compatible version of POPfile not found". I haven't touched the POPfile folder, and can still run using popfileib.

I've searched on runpopfile without success ("Run Popfile" seems to return everything!), so I don't really know where to start...

Thanks, YJ

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    The Windows version of POPFile includes a diagnostic utility. If you run this it will display a long report in a scrollable window - right-click in that window and you can copy the report to the clipboard and paste it into a forum reply.

    Use this shortcut to run the utility:

    Start -- All Programs -- POPFile -- Support -- PFI Diagnostic utility (full)

    (Don't bother with the "PFI Diagnostic utility (simple)" shortcut because it does not provide much information)

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      The diagnostic says I'm missing popfile.exe. Reading the install log, it says the file was extracted, so I'm not sure where it's gone! Can I just extract it from the zip download and not run the installer again?

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        Can I just extract it from the zip download and not run the installer again?

        I'm not sure what you mean - the zip file for the Windows version only contains one file (the installer).

        You can download the "popfile.exe" program for the POPFile 1.1.3 release from our Subversion repository:

        The "download" link is at the foot of that page, where it says "HTML preview not available. To view, download the file."

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          Sorry - I thought there was a non-install version. Downloaded the file and moved it into the Program Files/POPfile directory and all seems fine. Thanks again.

          Still don't know what happened to the original, as I hadn't opened that directory till after I'd had a problem. I can't find any reference to Norton removing it and the only item in the Recycle Bin is the old 'lib' directory so it must have gone to that null device in the sky.

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            The only other zip file is the cross-platform version but that does not contain any Windows programs.

            Glad to hear the diagnostic utility was able to identify the problem for you.