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How do I reset the word corpus?

Is there some command line option that I can use? Or perhaps I may be able to do it by dropping some tables in the sqlite db? Or is it only just going through each bucket and deleting all words?

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    The easiest way to reset the corpus is to delete the SQLite database file (popfile.db). It would be safer to rename the database file (instead of deleting it) as this makes it easy to go back to your current corpus. You will need to recreate all of your buckets and recreate all of your magnets, so this may not be the best solution for you.

    If you have a large number of magnets then using the "Remove all words" button for each bucket may be the safest way to delete the corpus data.

    You may get a better answer if you provide some more information, such as why you want to reset the corpus, the size of your SQLite database file, how many buckets have been defined and how many magnets are defined.