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Please, can you give me the settings to use popfile with gmail ( and thunderbird)
thank you

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    It would have helped a lot if you had mentioned:

    (1) which version of Thunderbird you are using
    (2) the method used to access your Gmail account (POP3 or IMAP)
    (3) which version of POPFile you are using
    (4) if Thunderbird was working with Gmail before you installed POPFile
    (5) the operating system you are using

    I'll assume you were already using Thunderbird to access your Gmail account and that you are using Thunderbird 11.0, POP3, POPFile 1.1.3 and Windows 7.

    In Thunderbird open the "Account Settings" window by selecting Tools > Account settings...

    The "Account Settings" window lists all of your email accounts. Left-click the "Server Settings" entry for your Gmail account to display the "Server Settings" panel.

    In the "Server Settings" panel make the following changes:

    (1) Change the "Server Name" from to

    (2) Change "Port" from 995 to 110

    (3) Change the "User Name" from [email protected] to[email protected]:ssl
    (replace "[email protected]" with your real Gmail username, of course!)

    (4) Change "Connection security" from SSL/TLS to None

    These changes will make Thunderbird use POPFile when it checks your Gmail account for incoming POP3 email. The ":ssl" part at the end of the new "User Name" tells POPFile that it must use SSL for the internet connection to Gmail.

    Thunderbird must not try to use SSL to communicate with POPFile.

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    You are right
    Windows 7 , thunderbird 11 but gmail with imap

    Thank you for tour tips

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      thunderbird 11 but gmail with imap

      In this case your Thunderbird settings should NOT be changed (just leave them as they were before you installed POPFile).

      The Thunderbird settings do not need to be changed because POPFile works independently (i.e. it connects to the IMAP server without using Thunderbird).

      When POPFile is used to handle IMAP it works in parallel with Thunderbird:

      IMAP without POPFile:

      Thunderbird -- internet -- Gmail IMAP

      IMAP with POPFile:

      Thunderbird -- internet -- Gmail IMAP
      POPFile -- internet -- Gmail IMAP

      The Getting up and running page in the wiki has some information about using POPFile to classify data on an IMAP server.

      Gmail requires SSL connections for IMAP so you'll need to make sure POPFile's IMAP module is configured to do this.