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IMAP failing to check and move messages

I've been using IMAP on Gmail for a while now, but today I'm finding that it's erratic in its checks with the server and that it's sometimes failing to "move" items to new labels in Gmail.

I currently have no emails in History for the past 30 minutes, though I can see at least one which should have been processed when viewing in Gmail and via Outlook. It is not there when I search for the sender, though earlier ones are, so it's not a spelling issue. When it does classify emails, it does it correctly, but about 50% of the time it fails to "move" them out of the Inbox.

[Edit]Quick update: I've shutdown and restarted popfile again - I've done it twice before since this happened. Since the most recent, it's now found the latest emails, but still hasn't found the one it missed before.[\Edit]

I have recently uninstalled Norton Internet Security and replaced it with Windows (Vista) Firewall and MSE. I was wondering if there was a permission problem with either of these. I manually added popfileib.exe to the allowed programs in the firewall, but I wasn't sure if it was perl that did the actual network activity. My other thought was that Gmail may have changed something to cause these failures.

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received

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    It only seems to be certain buckets that fail to be moved. PF classifies them as before, but fails to change the label from Inbox to whatever's set. However, some are processed as they have been for the past 2 years. Last time I had this, I'd moved a folder in Outlook and not updated PF's configuration, but this time I've not changed anything for a while. I did refresh the list ad check to see if the folders looked OK (they did) and changed a couple of the "dodgy" one to different folder and back again. I may try remapping them all and seeing if anything changes.

    I've had a look in the log, and can't see any obvious errors for these buckets. It does seem to take a long time to switch between panes of the PF UI, as if there's a loop or problem: I'm fairly sure I'm not calling for a new screen while it's scanning as network activity is only a few bits. The memory usage isn't huge (I had a problem with that before) and the processor time is only a few %.

    I'm planning to migrate to a new PC next week. I had thought of transferring the PF folders across to the new PC, but I might have to do a fresh install and see if that solves the issue. Would like to fix it before then, if possible..