Help → POPFile stopped working when Win10 updated from ver 1511 to 1607

POPFile stopped working when Win10 updated from ver 1511 to 1607

My machine recently updated itself to Windows 10 ver 1607 from 1511. POPFile would no longer load. I didn't see any error messages, but even running it as administrator, it doesn't appear in the system tray.

I downloaded a fresh copy of POPFile & tried to install. The install says "The SSL files will be downloaded from the internet. Your internet connection seems to be down or disabled. Please reconnect and click Retry to resume installation." It appears to be trying to download But retry just repeats the message. I hit cancel, the reinstall completed, and popfile now loads into the system tray.

Since I just registered here and I'm posting this, my internet connection is obviously working.

Thunderbird says "Sending of username did not succeed. Mail server responded: can't connect to" for all my email accounts.

How do I get SSL working?

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    I downloaded a fresh copy of POPFile & tried to install ... It appears to be trying to download

    You appear to be using an old version of POPFile. Where did you download it from?

    Starting with POPFile 1.1.2 (released 21 August 2011) the Windows installer has included the necessary SSL files.

    The current release of POPFile is version 1.1.3 and it can be obtained from the Download POPFile page ~ there is a "Download" link for this page in the menu near the top of the pages on this site.

    How do I get SSL working?

    Although the Windows installer includes the SSL files, POPFile 1.1.3 can run into trouble when it tries to use SSL to connect to some mail servers so a small installer has been created to update the SSL files to newer versions. There is a link to this SSL updater for POPFile 1.1.3 on the home page (

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      I did a google search & used the 2nd link. I didn't take the first link because I wasn't SURE it wasn't a squatter. I got taken in by a squatter when what I thought was a valid download link for VLC turned out to be an altered version with a bunch of adware built in. And I'm pretty sure I can trust things from sourceforge.

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      I wonder why that sourceforge link takes me to v1.1.0.

      YAY! I'm getting emails again. Now I need to figure out what I had to do to fix my hotmail login when they made some change a few months ago that broke POPFile... It was working before the Windows 10 v1607 upgrade. All my other accounts are working properly.

      THANKS Brian!!!!! That separate SSL updater fixed my hotmail problem, too.