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IMAP with Thunderbird

I am trying to install IMAP to work with Thunderbird.

I have installed popfile configured and can reach and classify emails etc. Seems to be working perfectly.

My problem, or perhaps my confusion, is how do I configure Thunderbird? In the past I configured thunderbird to call on popfile with etc. meaning that all emails will have to pass through popfile before Thunderbird sees them. However, if I try that now I get a Thunderbird error that is not a valid IMAP server. Am I doing something wrong?

I can call the IMAP server with Thunderbird on another machine and confirm popfile is working, but it seems that is not a great solution as the second machine can pull emails that Popfile has not seen yet because of update interval.


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    My problem, or perhaps my confusion, is how do I configure Thunderbird?

    The answer is that you do NOT configure Thunderbird to use POPFile's IMAP module.

    When POPFile is used to classify IMAP mail no changes have to be made to Thunderbird because POPFile's IMAP module works in parallel with Thunderbird:

    Thunderbird and IMAP mail without POPFile

    Thunderbird -- internet -- IMAP mail server

    Thunderbird and IMAP mail with POPFile

    Thunderbird -- internet -- IMAP mail server
    POPFile -- internet -- IMAP mail server

    See Getting up and running in POPFile's online manual.

    You only need to reconfigure Thunderbird if you want to use POPFile to classify POP3 mail because POPFile's POP3 module works in series with Thunderbird:

    Thunderbird and POP3 mail without POPFile

    Thunderbird -- internet -- POP3 mail server

    Thunderbird and POP3 mail with POPFile

    Thunderbird -- POPFile -- internet -- POP3 mail server

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      Thank you -- I guess I just live with the few instances when a item comes in unfiltered.

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        I have found setting the update intervall time in PopFile? to a higher frequency than in Thunderbird helps minimizes this problem.
        Some optimization can also minimize the number of connections "at the same time " under the hypothesis if both programmes start at the same time (but even if not, it should improve things) and giving 30 seconds overlap time.

        e.g. 340 seconds for PopFIle and 890 seconds for email
        or 225 / 690
        or 210 / 765
        or 180 / 885
        or 255 / 780 (am using this one ;-)
        or 255 / 900 ....