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Error starting popfile

I'm running popfile on Gentoo linux. It's been running 1.1.3 fine since I installed it Dec. 2013.

After rebooting today (upgraded kernel to 4.9.6) popfile won't start. Manually running "perl /usr/share/popfile/" gives

Can't locate object method "parameter" via package "0" (perhaps you forgot to load "0"?) at POPFile/ line 454.

Adding some print statements, it looks like it's trying to set global debug to , but the $self prints as POPFile::Configuration=HASH(0x1f95518) and I don't know if that's right or not, but I can't figure why the error message is claiming package "0". It also prints out

   {core: config mq history

without a trailing linefeed before exiting. The "Can't locate" error is printed three times. I'm wondering if it's a new version of Perl which might have a subtle change in required syntax?

Thanks for any thoughts on debugging this.

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    I still have no idea what the problem actually was, but it works fine after a reboot. My best guess is that it was related to some Perl update, and something cached somewhere put things in an inconsistent state.

    Resolved, if not solved. (It's Linux, not Windows, which is why I didn't immediately think of rebooting, which I did for an unrelated reason, anyway.)