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POPFile Won't Accept My Username

I'm using Outlook 2016.

When I configure the POPFile settings for my email account and I change the User Name as described for Outlook, I cannot send an email.

I think the issue is that the webhost I use requires the email address as the User Name, so my entry looks like this:[email protected]

Incoming email server was changed to No problems downloading email as far as I can tell.

Your advice and help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    I suspect the problem is that by default Outlook uses the same username when it connects to the mail server to send and receive email.

    When you configured Outlook 2016 to make it use POPFile to classify incoming mail the Outlook account's username was changed to use the format "[email protected]". This change is required in order to supply POPFile with the real mail server and original username needed in order to check for incoming email.

    When Outlook 2016 sends email it should connect directly to the real mail server ( and use the original username ([email protected]) because POPFile does not process outgoing email.

    To fix this problem all you need to do is make another change to the account settings in Outlook 2016 to make it use the correct username when sending email.

    The Configuring Outlook 2000/XP/2003 for POPFile page in the on-line manual explains how to do this in steps 6, 6.a and 6.b. Although you are using a more recent version of Outlook I expect the dialogs will be similar to those described in POPFile's on-line manual.

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      Absolutely right. Dang. Thank you for your patience.