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POPFile suddenly stopped working

I've been running POPfile for many years on Windows 7 and 10. Without warning, my email client (Pegasus Mail) will no longer connect to POPfile. Running the message capture utility, I get this response, which suggests that POPfile is running and then stops. Any thoughts, please?

POPFile Message Capture Utility v0.2.0

POPFILE_USER = d:\Internet\POPfile
Using 'popfileif.exe' to run POPFile

(report started 05-Sep-2017 @ 16:55:51)

POPFile Engine loading


{core: windows}
{core: config history logger mq}
{classifier: bayes wordmangle}
{interface: html xmlrpc}
{proxy: nntp pop3 smtp}
{services: imap}

POPFile Engine v1.1.3 starting


{core: config history logger mq windows}
{classifier: bayes wordmangle}
{interface: html xmlrpc}
{proxy: nntp pop3 smtp}
{services: imap

A copy of POPFile appears to be running.

Attempting to signal the previous copy.
Waiting 10 seconds for a reply.

A copy of POPFile is running.
It has signaled that it is alive with process ID: 2364

Failed to start while starting the config module at C:\PROGRA~2\POPFile/POPFile/ line 748.



POPFile Engine v1.1.3 stopping


{classifier: bayesCan't call method "finish" without a package or object reference at C:\PROGRA~2\POPFile/Classifier/ line 1273.

Status code: 9

(report finished 05-Sep-2017 @ 16:56:01)