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POPFile does not detect new mails (IMAP)

I use POPFile fetching message through IMAP. It worked until a couple of days ago. Now POPFile connects to IMAP server, it is able to read the list of IMAP folders but no new mails are fetched. The log file is plenty of sentences similar to the following:

2018/4/25 11:15:03 1363: IMAP-Client: 430: >> A01012 NO Error: [0a]
2018/4/25 11:15:03 1363: IMAP-Client: 668: SEARCH command failed (return value: 0, used UID was [6])!

Apple Mail successfully works.

Can someone help me, please?

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    The good old "uninstall and reinstall" method (keeping only the main .db file) has resumed POPFile functionality.