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Bad SSL Update Link

It appears that the link "Download the SSL updater" is corrupted. It downloads as "," which unpacks into "updateSSL_mk2.exe" plus a text file. The executable file will not run; it generates this error:

    Installer integrity check failed.  Common causes include
    incomplete download and damaged media.  Contact the
    installer's author to obtain a new copy.

    More information at:
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    Hi Brian. Good to be working with you again. As usual, you were right about the integrity of the "" file. The file size was correct, but the checksums didn't validate. Apparently, my old faithful Pkzip let me down. I've been using that since around the time of Widows 95. I extracted the "updateSSL_mk2.exe" file using 7zFM, and all was good.

    Well, almost all. My original problem that I hoped "updateSSL_mk2.exe" would solve is still there, but I am going to open a new topic to work on it. Hope you can take a look at it, too.


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    The file stored on the server is not corrupted -- I've just downloaded it again, once using FileZilla and once using my browser (Vivaldi).

    As something seems to be going wrong when you download the file I recommend you check the file before you unpack it.

    The file size is 957,128 bytes.

    Even if the file you downloaded is exactly this length it could still be corrupted so it is safer to verify its integrity using a checksum (or hash value). There are several different algorithms used to generate checksums. Here are checkums for this file using three commonly used algorithms:

    MD5:      90993494bbec2d20bd43502c77066514
    SHA-1:    4afc8b1a7ab61edebca46123f9eef9e70c4413e2
    SHA-256:  53a1f9e40707b2449b35a1d829b38f063e6c9e41198c99b63e8d92c3dffe1968

    There are lots of free Windows utilities available which can calculate the checksums for a file and compare this with the expected checksum.

    If you don't already have such a utility, one of the smallest and simplest is the free version of Raymond Lin's MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility (it is only 82 KB in size). (VirusTotal reports this utility is "clean")

    I used the SHA-256 checksum above to check the zip file and the utility reported "SHA-256 Hash matched."

    It is also possible that something is going wrong when the two files are extracted from the zip file so here are the expected file sizes and checksums.

    The ReadMe_mk2.txt file size is 984 bytes.

    MD5:      76a0990a52c943e3176dfe21afff8a86
    SHA-1:    25d18ac5e71f3f9283d75f5860b24f0d47c24194
    SHA-256:  c055a4d777c17f345b2a3721b2dfcdc47de02def2c92d6f976f952a73c294829

    The updateSSL_mk2.exe file size is 994,013 bytes.

    MD5:      186ba07a517f23cc12c4880d0ccce80b
    SHA-1:    48c8f12b9af447c057db3b7a6c763cfa3080dcc8
    SHA-256:  5174185c4243d0544360be24473a667257aeefb81795e80fa7baa92945c55474

    I used the "MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility" to verify the SHA-256 checksums for both files and in each case it reported "SHA-256 Hash matched."