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E-mail Provider Using New Cyphers

So popfile has been unable to connect to my e-mail provider, Runbox, as of about four days ago. When I contacted customer support I got this response.

Yes, we've updated the cypher list that we accept only more secure connections. This is different tot he TLS 1.2 change we did a couple of months ago. Your POPfil program will need to support one of the following cyphers.


The list may be of use to the developers of the program so they can suggest a fix for you.

Any suggestions that could fix this would be appreciated.

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    If you're using Windows and haven't already downloaded and run the SSL updater, maybe it would be worth trying. The link's on the home page here under "POPFile 1.1.3 (Windows version) cannot connect to some SSL servers (September 29, 2015)". I'm not a developer and understand very little, but so far the update's let me use all the email hosts I've tried.

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      Actually I had that issue a few months ago and the patch you mentioned fixed it. This appears to be a separate issue.

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        Ah yes, and it's reproducible too. I just tried a free-trial Runbox account and it was fine with normal settings but failed with Popfile. I suppose there's a slim chance updating Perl modules like \POPFile\lib\Net\ might work - or it could go horribly wrong!

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          Discovered popfile working again a couple days ago. I contacted Runbox support and got the following reply.

          "We did make a modification to include two cyphers from a different list and that seems to have help some customers."

          So I'm glad it is working again. I'm still concerned with Popfiles long term viability in the absence of active development. The best alternative I was able to find when it wasn't working was a plug-in for my e-mail client that made creating individual filters quick and easy. Not really as good though.