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Transfering to a new computer

I am trying to transfer my popfile configuration from a hard drive to a new computer. The problem is that I cannot run popfile on the old harddrive to make a backup because the motherboard on the old computer is fried. I have a backup of popfile on the old hard drive and have tried installing popfile 1.1.3, which is the version I was running on the old hard drive. I tried running the backup file, but it did not seem to work. So I just copied and pasted the whole popfile folder onto the new computer and then copied the data folder onto the new computer. Popfile runs now, with my original configuration, but when I run Thunderbird it immediately says that it cannot connect to the server.
I read the support page on transferring from one computer to another and see that it says that copy and pasting will not work. Is there a way to get my old configuration from the old hard drive to the new computer?


It's fixed! I had to run the SSL update.

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