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reclassified items never make it to inbox

I've been running Popfile at work rather successfully for several months (thanks for this, btw! It's saved me 900 spams hitting my inbox so far). But I have a small problem. If it calls something spam, and I reclassify it to "office", it changes nicely in the popfile history, but never hits my inbox. I use Eudora if that makes a difference. It's not a huge deal, but a minor pain I'd love to remedy.


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    Never mind. Someone's been screwing with it. This is why shared computers at work just suck!


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    Unless you are using the IMAP module, POPFile has no way of moving a reclassified message in your email client.

    Messages are passed through POPFile when downloaded. But once they are downloaded, POPFile can no longer access them, move them or delete them.