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Multiple IMAP Accounts

Hi everybody,

I used POPFile for a plenty of years now and was always happy with it.

Now I changed my eMail-Accounts from POP3 to IMAP (I needed to access them from several places).
I thought it should be no problem for POPFile to manage this - but as I read in the manual I'm wrong.
Is it really (still) right that the IMAP module only supports one email account?
And that it still only works without forking itself - that means e.g. that the Web-GUI hangs when the IMAP module tries to transfer data?

The corresponding manual article is (at least) from February, 2008 so I hope theses information are obsolete...
When these information are still correct, when is it planned to fix these issues / change the behaviour (the IMAP roadmap article is also from February, 2008 and seems to be much older)?

I really want to use POPFile with my IMAP-Accounts (in thunderbird) as I did in the past with POP3!

with regards,

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    Yes, the information you quoted is still correct.

    As for the plans, I don't know when I will find the time to work on this.

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      Hi. It's 6 years since this reply. Is PopFile? still only able to access one IMAP account? Are there any plans for implementing multi-account IMAP? If not, do you have any suggestions for other programs that will do the job for MAP accounts? Regards, Dave Smart