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Proposed enhancement to the HISTORY page

At the top of the HISTORY page in the POPFile Control Centre (also known as the POPFile User Interface or UI) are some controls to filter the results according to text in the "From" or "Subject" lines, the allocated bucket or the message status (magnetised or reclassified).

Some skins use a small font which may result in new users not realising that a filter is still active if, for example, they look at another UI page and then return to the HISTORY page.

I think it would be useful to add an extra configuration item to allow these search controls to be highlighted if they are active and may therefore be affecting the results shown on the HISTORY page.

ticket:149 has been raised about this proposed enhancement. The ticket includes some simple patches showing one way to implement this feature. The ticket also has some sample screenshots.

My patches merely change the background colour to highlight the search/filter controls.

Perhaps there is a better way to draw attention to these controls when they are affecting the results shown on the HISTORY page?

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    It's a good idea to add accents to show if the messages are filtered or not.

    Here's my idea:
    All messages.
    Search result.


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      I like both ideas. What about a combination of both?

      Nice to see you guys still here. I have moved to Gmail for everything and haven't run PF in a long time, though I do miss the auto classifying.

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        What about a combination of both?

        I think that would be useful. Some small changes and improvements have been committed to SVN since the last release so a 1.1.2 maintenance release is overdue. I am going to start work on that soon and will see if these HISTORY page changes can be included in the 1.1.2 release.

        Nice to see you guys still here

        Nice to hear from you again! I recently upgraded to the new release of the Perl Dev Kit which is another reason for me to work on a new 1.x release and maybe even start to do something about POPFile 2.x.


        (edited to fix a typo)

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          I've merged Brian's patch.
          I also merged my changes except for the feature to show all message counts, which was more difficult than I had expected.

          For more information, please see [3671] and [3672].