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[SOLVED] What files to back up?


I'm setting up SyncBack? to back up data files to a second hard-drive, and would like to know which files I must back up in the directory where POPFiles apparently saves its data:

C:\Documents and Settings\Joe\Application Data\POPFile\

Thank you.

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    The most important files are popfile.cfg, popfile.db and stopwords. The wiki page you mentioned has details of these and some other important files in the "Important configuration files" section.

    If you want to backup the information needed to reclassify recent messages then you should include the messages folder in your backup.

    If POPFile is running when you try to backup the files you may find that popfile.db is locked so it may be a good idea to include the popfile.db.backup file which POPFile creates once an hour.

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      Thanks Brian.