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status of popfile development?

Has all development of popfile stopped?

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    Some work has been done on a few minor updates to POPFile 1.x but things have been very quiet recently.

    I'll try to find out if it is time to start building release candidates for POPFile 1.1.4.


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      I don't remember reading any follow-up on this question of future development of Popfile. As much as I love the program I'm becoming increasingly concerned about continued reliance on it in my Windows desktop environment. It would be tremendously reassuring to know its development and the resolution of the large number of defects is still being addressed. If things are indeed at a standstill for one reason or another, it would be fair to the numbers of us who use and appreciate the program to inform us of the current status of things so that we can attempt to find an alternative if necessary. I'm sure you understand.

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        I don't remember reading any follow-up on this question of future development of Popfile

        Sorry about the lack of public announcements. The development team is quite small and there's not a lot of overlap (e.g. I'm the only one working on the Windows installer) so it is easy for development to get held up for one reason or another. For example, recently my Windows system has been one of those which become unstable after installing Microsoft's monthly updates and I've only just tracked down and fixed the underlying cause (my anti-virus package).

        At the moment I'm running an alpha version of POPFile 1.1.4 for Windows which uses a more up-to-date version of Perl and includes several SSL-related improvements (e.g. concurrent POP3 connections using SSL are now supported). Now that my Windows system is stable I can re-start work on the Windows installer.

        It would be tremendously reassuring to know ... the resolution of the large number of defects is still being addressed.

        At the moment there are 58 open tickets of which 26 are marked "defect". Several of these "defect" reports are waiting for further information from the user or are related to documentation or POPFile 2.x so I think there are only about a dozen outstanding defects. [Feel free to correct me if I am wrong!] POPFile 1.1.4's newer Perl and newer SSL libraries should help clear several of these defects.

        I think POPFile 1.x could be described as in maintenance mode; POPFile does its job well and for the typical single user is (I hope) pretty much feature complete.

        POPFile 2.x has been stalled for a long time but perhaps after POPFile 1.1.4 is released work might re-start; POPFile 1.x's IMAP module only handles a single account but this restriction would not apply to POPFile 2.x.

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          Thanks ever so much for that response. I feel a little more reassured about the situation and the potential for future evolution of Popfile. I hope to be able to get my hands on 1.1.4 in the near rather than distant future. By the way, I've not had one burp on my Windows 8.1 system + Avast antivirus since installing it and I'm a real software junkie who installs and removes software daily. I also religiously apply Microsoft's updates. Maybe I'm just lucky! Thanks again...

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          ... POPFile 1.x's IMAP module only handles a single account but this
          restriction would not apply to POPFile 2.x.

          With the proliferation of multiple devices (e.g. tablets) I suspect more people are moving to IMAP instead of POP3 on their main computers. With many people having more than one e-mail account, I suspect this restriction is becoming the main limitation to continued use of this excellent program. Roll on version 2. :-)

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            Multiple IMAP's & Win10 compatibility will be necessities going forward.

            Other than that, thanks for the wonderful program! Have been using it on multiple computers (Win & Linux) for many, many years, without ever a hitch!

            I can't imagine live without POPFile.

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              I have registered here to let Brian and the other developpers know that I also can't imagine live without POPFile. I have been using it for years on Windows and Linux computers and with various e-mail clients (The BAT, Claws ...). Once it is installed and trained it just works, so it is easily forgotten. I just had to restart it on our very old Win2k server in the office, because it would not respond any more after some work done on the Mail Client (ancient The BAT version). But that is a rare event. Normally it just works and most colleagues don't even know it is here. (Even the SSL-support works fine, although I got some messages about too old PERL packets when I upgraded to v. 1.1.3 some time ago.)

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    Adding in also. Cannot imagine working without Popfile. Most people look at me in amazement when I describe how it works.

    Been considering moving off of pop server to imap or exchange server for a while. I have not in part because popfile works so perfect. A new version may be my inspiration to do it.


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      I would love to see PoPFile development start up again. I have multiple POP3 and IMAP accounts and would love to route them all through PoPFile.

      Is there any hope?

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        Is there any hope?

        I'm still working on the Windows installer for POPFile 1.1.4 but work has been hampered by a variety of computer/internet issues.

        I've been having problems with my internet connection for a while and now have a 3G mobile broadband dongle for use when my landline isn't working properly.

        After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 I found that Windows Update was downloading at only 50 KB/s so updates were taking hours to arrive ~ the problem appears to be between my router and the Windows 10 system but only affects Windows Update, other web sites work at full speed. I've managed to improve the download speed for Windows 10 Updates but it is still not as high as it was for Windows 7 updates.

        POPFile's Windows installer is built using ActiveState's Perl Dev Kit and the open source NSIS compiler and I've updated to the latest versions of these tools.

        Up until now the POPFile installer used NSIS 2.x. The new NSIS 3.x compiler incorporates a lot of changes/improvements and as a result it failed to compile the current POPFile installer code ~ I'm still working on getting the existing code to compile without errors!

        Sorry I don't have much good news to report ... but at least some progress is being made.

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          Thanks for letting us know about your status update. It is much appreciated, even though there are still issues that stop it from getting ready.

          I am relatively new to POPfile myself, having started using it only a few months ago, and considered looking into getting the current development branch ready to run on Windows for a short time too. Sadly I'm both unfamiliar with the POPfile code and Perl in general and don't know if the time would be well spent.

          Frankly I'd been happy enough to use the current official 1.1.3 with the SSL updater, until the lack of multi-thread support made me consider working on the issue. I've set POPfile up on my small Windows file-server in the local network so all devices with their different email accounts could use the same trained database, but someone (read: my wife, lovely woman that she is) just had to get a Yahoo mail address recently. Every connection to their POP3 server includes a very strange waiting period of 50 to 100 seconds and that's not the fault of POPFile or any other mail client, since it happens with any setup I tested it on and I also received independent confirmation from other yahoo-mail users. Of course this threw a spanner in the works, since one single mail account could block all of the rest.

          Anyway, thanks again for letting us know that POPFile is not dead. A move to GitHub? might not be a bad idea, but frankly I would see the most opportunities from leaving Perl and behind. At least from an unfamiliar eye it would solve the issue of requiring updates to the latest ActiveState? Perl or investing in an expensive Business license.

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            I'm glad to see this response, as I was beginning to fear the site itself wasn't working any more. While the use of Perl does introduce some difficulties, I suspect switching to any other language would be prohibitive in the short run, and anything else (Python, Ruby, ...?) would have similar issues. Going to a compiled language would have it's own set of issues, and would require finding/choosing a framework/environment with all the constructs/supporting libraries already used by the code. It might be worth considering a future re-implementation, but I think any show of active development at this point would be good.

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          Ever thought of switching over to Github for source code and tracking issues (tickets)?

          Could spark interest if you were to.

          May come in handy @

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            Yes, I also think github might be able to bring some more life to popfile.

            I'm really happy to see this discussion here because it is still a mystery to me why popfile is not gaining more traction. People are paying 5 USD or more per month to get a similar service (but which does not use the message text for privacy reasons) so why why not invest a couple of bucks into popfile development?

            Brian (and anyone else on the team or with the necessary knowledge of perl): would you be able to dedicate some more time if we crowdfunded you?

            Well, I don't know whether there will be a large crowd, but it would be worth trying. We could use as a platform that allows precisely this kind of funding.

            How about it?

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              Okay, just a quick follow-up with some more concrete details about opencollective: in order to qualify for an opencollective account, popfile would need to be hosted on github, it would need to have at least two contributors and it would need to have at least 100 stars (

              I think that should be feasible, but the first step would be to migrate to github...


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            +1 regarding switching over to github!

            Not only might it spark interest as war59312 said, it would make it easier for other people to help with the development.

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          Hi Brian,
          An ominous sign is the appearance of increasing amounts of Forum Spam. It was about 10 months ago we last saw a status update from you on this thread. Are you still there or is this project something we should give up on? Please give us a realistic view of things...

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            Perhaps instead of keeping all the burden on Brian, anyone on this forum could create a github organization & copy the source up there, and then ongoing development and maintenance could become a community effort? (With Brian and other core developers of course given contributor rights if they want.)

            If, that is, there is enough of a community of people who aren't just users but could also help develop.

            I myself am not really in the position to take the lead on this, unfortunately. (If I had unlimited time, I'd probably reimplement the whole thing in ruby...)

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              I'd like an honest answer about the future of PoPFile. Unfortunately, I have never found anything else that comes close to the features and functionality of PoPFile.

              I have multiple IMAP accounts and multiple secured POP3 accounts. PoPFile is almost there with support for one of each.

              Can Brian or any of the other core developers respond with an honest answer?

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                I agree: there is nothing like popfile and the very fact that it still works after so many years speaks for itself. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this project!

                But maybe this resilience is also the reason why no one wants to invest significant time into developing it further: it works, so why bother?

                The way I solved the IMAP multiple account is that I run multiple instances of popfile (on multiple servers, because I couldn't figure out how to do it on one server). The only hickup that I experience from time to time is that sometimes POPfile stops detecting new mails and hence stops filing them. But as soon as I manually move one or two of the new emails, POPfile wakes up and does the rest.

                Anyway: I agree that it would be great if we could make this community grow and attract developers who want to develop POPfile further, but how to do it?

                We have to acknowledge that the project is not dead:, even though no new code has been written in years. Yet, when it was necessary, some updates related to ssl were provided in 2015.

                I'd also be curious to hear the developer(s) view on the future of POPfile.