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I am considering migrating from Thunderbird Email client to Postbox Email client

Does anyone have any information regarding POPFILE compatibility with POSTBOX?

Thank you in advance,


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    Short answer:

    There should not be any problems. Since Thunderbird is already configured to work with POPFile it should be easy to transfer the Thunderbird settings to Postbox (especially since Postbox is based on Thunderbird).

    Very Long Answer (part 1: Using POPFile with an IMAP server):

    If you are currently using POPFile's IMAP module then when you switch to using Postbox all you have to do is follow Postbox's instructions for setting it up to use IMAP. I found these instructions on the Postbox site:

    When you use POPFile's IMAP module it communicates directly with the email server instead of whatever email client you use to check your email (i.e. there is no direct link between POPFile and your email program).

    IMAP case:

    POPFile -- internet -- IMAP server
    Postbox -- internet -- IMAP server

    Note: The standard Postbox instructions for configuring an IMAP account can be used because no changes are needed to allow POPFile to classify incoming email.

    Very Long Answer (part 2: Using POPFile with a POP3 server):

    If you are currently using POPFile to handle POP3 email then you cannot simply follow Postbox's POP3 instructions - you will need to make some changes to ensure POPFile can still classify your incoming email. This is because Postbox and POPFile need to communicate with each other.

    A quick look at the Postbox site failed to find any POP3 instructions so I cannot give you step-by-step instructions but the necessary changes are not very complicated.

    For each POP3 account to be handled by POPFile you need to make sure the following POP Mail Server settings from Thunderbird are used when configuring Postbox:

    Server Name:
    Port:                (use whatever port Thunderbird has for this setting)
    User Name:           (use whatever Thunderbird has for the User Name)
    Connection Security: None

    The default value for "Port" is 110 but if Thunderbird is configured to use a different port then use that port when configuring Postbox.

    The "User Name" will be something like or

    The "User Name" will have the name of the real email server followed by a colon followed by the user name for the email account and if the account requires an SSL connection then it will end with ":ssl" to tell POPFile to use SSL.

    It is important that Postbox is NOT configured to use SSL for the POP3 email account because POPFile cannot accept an SSL connection from Postbox (POPFile only uses SSL when communicating with the real email server).

    POP3 case:

    Postbox -- POPFile -- internet -- POP3 server

    Note: Some changes must be made to the standard Postbox instructions for configuring POP3 accounts to allow POPFile to classify incoming email.

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    Thank you! for the detailed response...

    Not sure why POPfile did not work but reinstalled POSTBOX and it is now working without any changes...

    You gotta love computers <grin

    Again, thank you!!!