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Multiple IMAP folders

I don't need multiple IMAP folders that much - my main use for POPFile is to detect mail that I should read soon in Outlook, separating it from non-spam low priority stuff.

But it would be nice to be able to use POPFile/IMAP to provide more intelligence to Gmail as well as Outlook. The new crop of shiny iPhone and Android mail readers often can only handle high priority and low (and spam); Gmail can do more, particularly Google Inbox, but Gmail and Inbox have lousy UIs: I think Google's motto is "AI not UI", or perhaps "We want to slow you down to read as many ads as possible."

So, how to go about multiple IMAP accounts - I haven't read the source code yet.

I think that POPFile instances in different virtual machines can handle separate accounts. But VMs, and even containers, are a pain to manage.

I can't imagine that it is too hard to have POPFile connect to two different IMAP servers. Even if no IMAP server object, worst case can fork and use different sockets.

I think that the only gotcha will be in POPFile state on disk, and managing the separate instances from the web UI. Probably will need to create a concept of a config-file (directory) path, that can be set.

Sharing the training might be need, but is likely painful. So first step would be to just replicate, and keep the POPFile instances for different servers as separate as possible.

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    Did you figure out how to do this, after all? I'm also trying to run two instances on Linux (ubuntu)...