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Detecting misclassification

My biggest complaint about present POPFile, apart from the pain of mapping buckets to folders, is the pain of fixing misclassified mail.

The web UI sucks.

It looks like you can move email using your mailreader to a different bucket/folder, and at some point POPFile might detect.

But I have no idea how long this takes. I may ultimately need to move somewhere else that POPFile should not know about.

Currently, I move the mail to the bucket/folder it should have been placed in - and then I go off and do something else, like post in this forum, for the revisit interval./

It would be really nice to have some sort of state so that I can tell which messages have been moved pending reclassification, and which have been reclassified. But IMAP's handling of such extra state is very inconsistent, right?

How inconsistent? I really only care about Outlook/Exchange, and Gmail. Gmail can do it with labels. Is there anything like flags or categories that POPFile/IMAP can manipulate in Exchange?