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POPFile not catching baddies as before


I notice that POPFile is starting to have problems catching spam messages. More labeled as "Good" than before. I guess that spammers are learning how to avoid being caught, and since POPFile is not supported anymore, it will get less and less useful.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Hans L

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    I've not noticed any real change in performance.

    My current statistics are 7,526 messages classified with 99.85% accuracy.

    Out of those 7,526 only 11 had to be reclassified - I use 7 buckets and there were only 3 spam messages which were not classed as spam (and 6 messages which were incorrectly marked as spam).

    Although I regularly reset my statistics I also keep track of POPFile's performance and the last time I checked it has achieved 99.645% accuracy after classifying 183,172 messages.

    If POPFile makes a mistake you should reclassify the message to teach POPFile how to handle similar messages. If POPFile has made the same mistake with several similar messages there is no need to reclassify every mistake (after reclassifying one message you can use Single Message View to see if POPFile would now correctly classify similar messages).