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1.1.0 RC6 now available

The next release (1.1.0) will include a lot of changes, including support for SQLite 3.x, improved versions of the Windows service and system tray programs and, at last, an installer for Mac OS X.

A new release candidate (RC6) is now available for testing in a cross platform version, a Windows version and a Mac OS X version.

WARNING: This release candidate will convert your existing database from SQLite 2.x to the new 3.x format. The new SQLite 3.x database cannot be used by POPFile 1.0.1 or any earlier version of POPFile. Although the release candidate will make a backup copy of your old SQLite 2.x format database it is recommended that you also make your own backup copy before you try to upgrade your existing installation.

This should be the last release candidate before POPFile 1.1.0 gets released!