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setup-test-2.exe now available for testing


The current release is POPFile 0.22.5. The next official release will be POPFile 1.0.0 which includes several improvements and extensions.

A lot of changes are being made to the installer for the 1.0.0 release and this unofficial 0.22.6 release (setup-test-2.exe) has been produced to help test the changes to the installer.

The previous experiment (setup-test-1.exe) had a lot of problems. This new version is supposed to be better!


  • Ensure that the minimal Perl gets updated even if the MeCab installation fails. (Trac Ticket 6)
  • The program no longer re-installs the Encode package when changing the parser. (Trac Ticket 9)
  • The user is no longer asked to choose a Nihongo parser when uninstalling! (Trac Ticket 12)
  • The uninstaller now looks for the correct string when it tries to remove POPFile's entry in the "Add/Remove Programs" list. (Trac Ticket 11)
  • When using the "Add/Remove Programs" entry to modify an existing POPFile installation the program now refers to the correct button name. (Trac Ticket 17)


  • Reduced the size of the uninstaller, and thus the size of the installer, by using more aggressive conditional compilation statements.
  • Rearranged the code a little to get rid of the annoying "Please wait" banner seen every time the uninstaller was started.
  • If the MeCab download fails when modifying the parser the program no longer refers to a weird file name, it just mentions the "Add/Remove Programs" entry.
  • If the SSL download fails when adding SSL support the program no longer refers to the /SSL command-line option, it just mentions the "Add/Remove Programs" entry.
  • Now using slightly different URLs (same server, different directory) to download the Patch Control File (0.22.6.pcf) and the MeCab parser files.


  • A log file (modify.log) is now saved in the installation folder after using the "Change" button in the "Add/Remove Programs" list. (Trac Ticket 16)
  • When installing POPFile (or using "Add/Remove Programs" to modify an existing installation) the initial setting on the "Choose Nihongo Parser" page is set to the value used for the previous run of the installer (or the previous "Add/Remove Programs" change). This setting may not be the same as the user's bayes_nihongo_parser setting. (Trac Ticket 13 and Trac Ticket 14)
  • When the "Change" button in "Add/Remove Programs" is used to modify POPFile the COMPONENTS page now describes the available components.
  • Added a FINISH page to the uninstaller.


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    A newer installer is now available (setup-test-3.exe).

    See this topic for details and a download link