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setup-test-3.exe now available for testing


The current release is POPFile 0.22.5. The next official release will be POPFile 1.0.0 which includes several improvements and extensions.

A lot of changes are being made to the installer for the 1.0.0 release and this unofficial 0.22.6 release (setup-test-3.exe) has been produced to help test the changes to the installer.

This is a minor update to the previous experiment (setup-test-2.exe).


  • Updated to a newer version of the LockedList plugin in an attempt to solve some of the problems found by standard users on Windows XP. The new plugin has a mode which means the installer no longer has to implement the LFN/SFN workaround.
  • Japanese translations updated.


  • Message #9

    A newer installer is now available (setup-test-4.exe).

    See this topic for details and a download link