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setup-test-4.exe is now available for testing


The current release is POPFile 0.22.5. The next official release will be POPFile 1.0.0 which includes several improvements and extensions.

A lot of changes are being made to the installer for the 1.0.0 release and this unofficial 0.22.6 release (setup-test-4.exe) has been produced to help test the changes to the installer.

This is a major update to the previous experiment (setup-test-3.exe).


  • The uninstaller can now detect POPFile is running when it is used by a standard user (Trac Ticket 18)
  • The installer no longer creates _two_ "uninstall" entries in the "Add/Remove Programs" list. (Trac Ticket 7)
  • The uninstaller no longer asks for permission to uninstall some of the SSL support files and any backups of pfi-run.bat (they are now deleted automatically).
  • Added code to avoid an infinite loop when bad data is supplied to the function used to detect whether or not POPFile is running.
  • Fixed some minor register corruption in the installer.


  • Earlier versions of the installer did not make good use of the UAC plugin. This version tries to fix these problems. The Start Menu and uninstall data for POPFile now use a simpler, less error-prone implementation which should work properly when used by a non-admin user. (Trac Ticket 18, Trac Ticket 19 and Trac Ticket 20)
  • Added some extra logging information.
  • Removed a spurious blank line at the end of the report produced by the PFI Diagnostic utility.


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    === Known issues ===

    • Trac Ticket 22 Uninstall data not handled correctly when upgrading an earlier release
    • Trac Ticket 23 Start Menu shortcuts not updated properly when upgrading an earlier release and some special cases are not handled properly either
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    A newer installer is now available (setup-test-5.exe).

    See this topic for details and a download link