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[spam] in subject

If one keeps the default name "spam" for the spam bucket and follows the suggestion to configure Outlook Express (or other e-mail clients needing to search the subject) to use a rules wizard to move any e-mail containing "[spam]" in the subject to the spam folder, then there is a risk of introducting wrong positives after Popfile's spam check. Why? I sometimes receive a reply to an e-mail of mine that had been wrongly classified as spam by the other correspondent's spam filter and contains "[spam]" in the subject. So when I get his reply, the subject may be for example "[spam] Transfer quote" as most don't bother changing the subject when replying. This can start an evil circle of wrong positives in a given conversation.

The solution: Rename the "spam" bucket to something unique for the user and edit the rules wizard accordingly. I think it would be a good idea to include some advice to this effect for Outlook Express and other e-mail clients needing to search the subject.