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 +===== Async Test Result =====
 +  - Created a test environment that could be restored between runs.
 +  - History contained 1981 messages, sorted on size largest to smallest
 +  - Largest message was 80.5kb
 +  - Set the number of messages to display on a page to the amount in the table.
 +  - Selected an empty test bucket to reclassify to for each message listed on the page
 +  - clicked reclassify all to reclassify the top X messages displayed on the page
 +  * The without async results are stock v 0.22.1 POPFile.
 +  * The with async results are with a modified UI/HTML.pm that wraps the while loop in history_reclassify with a db call to synchronous=OFF and synchronous=NORMAL.
 +  * All times measured using Benchmark module with hires timer and are in seconds.
 +Results were as follows:
 +||# Messages||Words Reclassified||Time without async||Time with async||Time savings||% Savings||
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