Beta Testing the new IMAP module version

Unlike former versions of the POPFile IMAP-module, the new version consists of two Perl modules that you need to get and install to use and test the new module. These are:

Use the two links above to retrieve the modules. To install them, the folder structure in your POPFile directory needs to look like this:

I.e., your POPFile directory needs to contain a subdirectory called 'Services'. This is where must be located. Inside the 'Services' directory, you need a directory called 'IMAP' and that must be the location of

When the two modules are where they should be, restart POPFile, enable IMAP from the Advanced tab if you haven't already done so and restart POPFile again. You should now be able to configure the module from the Configuration tab.

Configuring the module

Configuration works just like it did before. Keep in mind that if you want to access an IMAP server over a SSL encrpyted connection, you will have to provide the correct port on the Configuration tab (993 is the default port for IMAP servers listening for ssl connections), but you will also have to set the variable imap_use_ssl to 1 from the Advanced Tab. This will be easier in the next release of POPFile.

Beta testers are adviced to set their logger_level to at least 1, but I'm afraid a level of 2 would be optimal. This can be done from the Advanced tab (you don't have to restart POPFile after you changed that variable).

Please report any issues with the new module version on the Bleeding edge - Source code forum.

Happy testing.

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