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 +====== What is POPFile? ======
 +POPFile classifies email into categories //you// define. It can sort into **spam** and **not spam** or into any number of categories you like (e.g. **work**, **personal**,  **important project**, **hobby**, etc.).
 +The classification is done using a na├»ve Bayes algorithm. In other words, POPFile uses statistics to track which words are likely to appear in which messages. This means that POPFile will adapt to the kind of mail you receive and needs to be trained. Out of the box, it doesn't know //anything// about spam or how messages from your mother differ from those your friends send you. However, if you train it, it will soon learn how to tell these different kinds of messages apart.
 +POPFile was created by John Graham-Cumming and is maintained as open source by a team of developers and users that file bug reports, post patches, and suggest enhancements.
 +See also:
 +  * [[FAQ:HowWork  | How does POPFile work?]]
 +  * [[Glossary:AProxy|proxy]]
 +  * [[HowTos:Proxy_Chaining | Proxy Chaining]]
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