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 +====== What is a word salad? ======
 +**Word salad** is a term given to a spammer technique that is supposed to fool filters into not tagging a message as spam. The technique involves hiding or attaching a list of supposedly non-spammy words to spam messages.
 +Here's an actual example:
 +<code>&lt;font color=#edebf7&gt;despatch bedder looses stiles acropolis&lt;/font&gt;</code>
 +The spammer tried to make those words appear in a very light gray so you wouldn't see them. We can only guess why he thought that including the term "acropolis" would do any good.
 +Word salad ranges from trivial examples like the one above, to attaching the complete text of news articles copied from the web.
 +If you want to find out why POPFile was never bothered by this "trick", please read "[[FAQ:WordSalad | Why doesn't word salad work?]]".
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