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 +====== Configure Forte Agent for POPFile ======
 +===== Mail Configuration =====
 +  * From the menus, pick Options -> Inbound Email
 +  * Select the System Tab
 +  * Note the original POP server in the 'POP Server' box, you will need it below.
 +  * Replace the contents of the POP Server box with
 +  * In the Username box, put the **original POP server** followed by a colon **:** to the front of the username that is already in the box, e.g, if username was //username// and original POP server was //pop.myisp.net//, then the box should contain <code>
 +  * Click OK
 +==== SMTP Authentication ====
 +If your ISP requires SMTP authentication for sending mail, you will also have to configure your username and password as follows:
 +  * From the menus, pick Options -> General
 +  * Select the System Tab
 +  * Click the SMTP Authentication button
 +  * Select //login with a username and password//
 +  * Uncheck the //use POP username and password// box
 +  * Fill in your //real// username and password
 +  * Click OK, Click OK
 +===== Mail Filters Configuration =====
 +The easiest method of setting up filters for POPFile's classification is to turn on the X-Text-Classification insertion on POPFile's Configuration page, then retrieve some classified mail. That will put mail in your inbox with the headers you want in the mail.
 +  * Select a piece of mail you just received via POPFile
 +  * From the menus, pick Message -> Filters -> Add Kill or Watch Filter (your choice)
 +  * In the Add Email Filter box that pops up, use the Paste Field button to locate the X-Text-Classification link you want to filter on.
 +  * Make whatever other selections you want and save the filter.
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