Configure Apple Mail for POPFile

This document describes how to configure Apple Mail (Mac OS X) for POPFile.

Note: if you are using MobileMe(.Mac) account

If you are using MobileMe(.Mac) account on Mail, the 'Account Type' may be set to MobileMe IMAP(.Mac). If so, we recommend you to use the IMAP module of POPFile.

IMAP support

You can move messages on IMAP server to folders created in IMAP server by using the IMAP module of POPFile. If you are going to use IMAP, you don't need to change the setting of Mail.

Configure account settings (POP3)

  • 1. Choose Preferences from Mail menu.
  • 2. In 'Accounts' tab (which is chosen automatically), click the account to edit settings.
  • 3. Make sure that 'Account Type' is set to 'POP'. If not, you are using IMAP. Please see above 'IMAP support'.
  • 4. Insert your incoming mail server name and colon(:) before 'User Name'. For example, if your incoming mail server name is and your user name is user, the new User Name will be:


  • 5. Change the value of 'Incoming Mail Server' to (or 'localhost'). If you have changed the POP3 proxy port of POPFile, you need to change the 'Port' value at the bottom of the 'Advanced' tab.
  • 6. If you are using multiple accounts, please run through step #2 to #5.
  • 7. Close the setting window.

Configure message rules

Assume that you want to move the messages classified as spam to spam folder in Mail. Mail can use any headers as parameter of the rules, so we recommend you to use POPFile's 'X-Text-Classification' header to filter messages. Note: you need to ENABLE X-Text-Classification header in the Bucket tab of the POPFile UI.

  • 1. Choose Preferences… from Mail menu.
  • 2. Click the 'Rules' tab and 'Add Rule' button on the right side of the window.
  • 3. Type the description of the rule (ex. Move spam to spam folder) in the 'Description' field.
  • 4. Click 'Any Recipient' popup menu in the 'If any of the following conditions are met:' section and choose 'Edit Header List…' at the bottom of the menu.
  • 5. Click '+' button and type 'X-Text-Classification'.
  • 6. Click 'OK' button to close the window.
  • 7. Click again 'Any Recipient' and choose 'X-Text-Classification'.
  • 8. Click 'Contains' popup menu and choose 'Is equal to'.
  • 9. Type 'spam' in the next empty field.
  • 10. Choose 'Move Message' in the left popup menu in the 'Perform the following actions:' section and choose 'spam' next to 'to mailbox:' label.
  • 11. If you want to assign more buckets to folders, run through step #2, #3 and #7 to #10.

Note: you need to configure POPFile to insert 'X-Text-Classification' header to use in rules. You can configure it in the 'Bucket' tab of the POPFile UI.

If you want, you can change the color of the message.

Show X-Text-Classification and X-POPFile-Link headers

You can configure Mail to show X-Text-Classification and/or X-POPFile link in the viewer of Mail. If X-POPFile-Link header is shown you can click it (message link URL) to access the POPFile UI and reclassify the message instantly.

  • 1. Choose Preferences… from Mail menu.
  • 2. Click the 'Viewing' tab.
  • 3. Choose 'Custom…' in the 'Show header detail:' menu.
  • 4. Click '+' button and type 'X-Text-Classification' and/or 'X-POPFile-Link'.
  • 5. Click 'OK' to close the window.
  • 6. You can see the header(s) you configured.
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