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Any Ports/ Future Roadmap?

Has anyone done any porting of popfile? Its such a great tool, I'd love to see it worked on and adapted to modern mail systems.

For instance, I'd like to see it on the Google Apps Marketplace as something I could add to my google apps that would allow each user to set up their own set of buckets.
Or even just a plugin to Gmail...

I'd like to be able to manage multiple accounts (multiple sets of buckets) from one computer.

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    Development has slowed a lot, but the current version is stable and very usable. We are short on Perl developers with time to work on the project, but if someone is interested in working on that, we are open to new features.

    I have not tired it, but you should be able to use POPFile with Gmail by using IMAP run from your computer. I know some people have. POPFile will move mail between folders for you on Gmail. You can read about setting IMAP up here:

    You will need to turn IMAP access on for Gmail.