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IMAP INBOX/unclassified

I see an entry in the changelog that says that it's no longer possible to reclassify to unclassified using IMAP. That's a shame since this is required when I want POPFile to leave something in the INBOX. With clients that use the INBOX as the basis for alerting for important email, such as gmail, this means that POPFile can't be trained not to hide important emails. Is it possible to restore the possibility of reclassifying to unclassified? Maybe a configuration option.

It would also be great if the expunge option were per-bucket. This would allow, in combination with gmail's advanced IMAP controls, to have messages for some buckets remain in the INBOX while for others it would be removed from the INBOX (archived in gmail speak). Without this option being per-bucket, I have to run two different POPFile instance which I assume reduces the accuracy of classification.