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Can't remember how to run Trunk

I am trying to get PF Trunk running on Windows to do some UI and skin work and I forget how. When I try to run from my trunk folder, Perl/PF is loading files from my release install instead of the current folder and failing of course. What am I missing?

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    POPFile uses the POPFILE_ROOT and POPFILE_USER environment files to find the folders containing the POPFile program files and the user's POPFile configuration file.

    The Windows installer creates a batch file called 'pfi-run.bat' which can be used to set up these environment variables and run POPFile.

    I think the easiest way to fix things is to create a similar batch file called 'pfi-run-trunk.bat' in the same folder as your new POPFile configuration file and then use this new batch file to start the trunk version.

    To run the trunk version you'll need to use your main ActivePerl installation as the POPFile 1.x minimal Perl is not good enough. The trunk uses some Perl packages which are not included in the standard ActivePerl but I don't know which extra packages are required.

    Your 'pfi-run-trunk.bat' file could be as simple as something like this:

    @echo off
    REM POPFile program location = C:\POPFile Development\Trunk
    set POPFILE_ROOT=C:\POPFIL~1\Trunk
    REM POPFile User Data folder = C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\TestTrunk
    set POPFILE_USER=C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\TESTTR~1
    "C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe" "%POPFILE_ROOT%\"
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      Thanks. I think I found all the modules I needed to add, but now I got this:

      "IDOK" is not exported by the Win32::GUI module
      Can't continue after import errors at C:\ line 34.

      IDOK is something about GUI buttons, I don't see why that would matter to us. Googling that message doesn't help solve it.

      I was able to get things running by removing our Platform/

      Got any new recommendations on the best SVN program to use? I think it was TortoiseSVN I used before.

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        I had started writing a draft of document for v2 here:

        On Windows, Win32::GUI (1.06) is also needed to run POPFile v1.1 or later.


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          Image::Info is also required (I've edited the document).

          My test environment for trunk:

          System : MSWin32
          Perl : 5.016003
          Installed Perl modules
             BerkeleyDB                   <not installed>
             Carp                         1.260
             Crypt::CBC                   2.330
             Crypt::OpenSSL::Random       0.040
             Crypt::Random                1.250
             Cwd                          3.400
             DBD::SQLite                  1.370
             DBI                          1.623
             Date::Format                 2.240
             Date::Parse                  2.300
             Digest::MD5                  2.520
             Digest::SHA                  5.840
             Encode                       2.550
             Encode::Guess                2.060
             Fcntl                        1.110
             File::Copy                   2.230
             File::Glob::Windows          0.100
             File::Path                   2.090
             Getopt::Long                 2.380
             HTML::Tagset                 3.200
             HTML::Template               2.940
             IO::Handle                   1.330
             IO::Select                   1.210
             IO::Socket                   1.340
             IO::Socket::INET             1.330
             IO::Socket::SSL              1.954
             IO::Socket::Socks            0.620
             Image::Info                  1.360
             MIME::Base64                 3.130
             MIME::QuotedPrint            3.130
             MeCab                        <not installed>
             POSIX                        1.300
             Sys::Hostname                1.160
             Text::Kakasi                 2.040
             Unicode::Collate             0.970
             XMLRPC::Transport::HTTP      0.717

          A batch file to test (using

          set POPFILE_ROOT=..
          set POPFILE_USER=../tests/
          cd tests
          perl -I.. ..\ "%1"
          cd ..

          As for v2, I had been working to support Unicode (UTF-8) and that work has not finished.
          I have to write more code (including tests) for v2!

          (edit) I've installed Crypt::Random module.


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        Got any new recommendations on the best SVN program to use? I think it was TortoiseSVN I used before.

        I'm using TortoiseSVN on Windows.