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Multiple Instances - possible?

The Page "POPFile Options for Mulitiple User Setups" seems to tell me that there is a way to have multiple instances of POPFile running at the same time on the same machine. It suggests to try "something" with the Environment Variables. But it's the only page to say so. I experimented a bit on my Windows XP system and came to the conclusion that the environment variables are the only thing that keep multiple instances from working. I'm speaking of having two completly seperated instances with separated databases and different ports.

My conclusion is that this page is a bit expandable if not completly wrong. I haven't found an answer to the question if it is possible anywhere else, too. (apart from a hack to try to start three instances as fast as possible - which would start two of them, but with the same database and ports)

By the way, why would anyone try such a thing? Well, I wanted to chain two instances to separate two stages. The first would have sorted the mail according to the parts of my life, which would later be sorted into folders, while the second one would have sorted the same mail into required actions. Thunderbird was intended to handle this second stage with labels and virtual folders. I have no idea if counting words alone is enough to identify necessary actions, but it would be fun to give it a try.

Thanks for the great work and keep going!

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    I'm speaking of having two completly seperated instances with separated databases and different ports.

    Have a look at the "pfi-run.bat" file (in the POPFile User Data folder) which is created by the Windows installer. This batch file creates some "temporary" environment variables which are used by the POPFile instance started by the batch file. By "temporary" I mean the values defined in the batch file will be used by programs started from the batch file, overriding any existing environment variables.

    If you run multiple instances of POPFile it is important that you use separate UI ports otherwise things will get very confusing when you try to access the POPFile UI.

    I suggest you use a different skin for each instance to help identify them. Another way to identify which instance the UI belongs to is to check the ADVANCED page which shows (just above the list of parameters) the location of the POPFile configuration file.

    The "pfi-run.bat" batch file is created by the Add POPFile User wizard which can be found in the POPFile program folder.

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