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Typos in "POPfile Startup Item for Mac OS X"

The "Creating a POPfile Startup Item for Mac OS X" section on this page:

has some minor typos/errors.

In section 7, this line:

sudo chown -R root.admin popfile

should have a colon not a dot between root and admin, like so:

sudo chown -R root:admin popfile

Secondly, both that line and first chmod line further down use "popfile" uncapitalized, instead of the "POPfile" capitalization used in the previous sections. This difference won't matter if you're using a non-case-sensitive filesystem, but needs correcting to work for those of us who aren't.

(Note: all comments relative to an older 10.6.8 system)

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    Thanks for your report.

    I've fixed the typos. Thank you.