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Hi - I have had Popfile running on my Mac for many years now and it works brilliantly. Until now I have been feeding mail into Thunderbird with no problems. I have recently changed to using the built in Mail App to take advantage of some features but can't get the App to recognise the X-Text-Classification header. I followed the instructions here which all seem to make sense ("X-Text-Classification" "Is equal to" "spam") but it doesn't seem to take any notice of them. Is there something I am missing please?

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    Have you checked that the messages received by Mail App still have the "X-Text-Classification" header?

    If the X-Text-Classification header is present, try changing the Mail App rule to

    "X-Text-Classification" "contains" "spam"

    as this may work better than looking for an exact match to "spam"

    (I use Thunderbird so I don't know which filter options are supported by Mail App)

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      Thanks for the response. Yes, the Popfile install is unchanged from when I used Thunderbird and the headers are there. Setting to "contains" doesn't seem to make a difference. Perhaps I need to ask on an Apple forum as the Popfile bit is working fine.

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        If you can't get it working you could switch to tagging the subject line with the classification.